Bringing Awareness to Ocean Conservation

Bringing Awareness to Ocean Conservation

After a successful run in 2022, Miami's immersive underwater wonderland, Hidden Worlds Entertainment Inc. – an impactainment company creating attractions with a purpose – is teaming up with The Islands of The Bahamas to present, 'Our Ocean, Our Future', an educational and entertaining marine journey to promote planet stewardship and bring awareness to ocean conservation. After much anticipation, the riveting oceanic adventure will come to life from Wednesday, February 15 – Wednesday, March 4, 2023 at Ampersand Studios located in one of Miami's most iconic neighborhoods, Wynwood.

Using the latest digital projection technology, 360-degree audio environments and immersive fine-dining, Hidden Worlds showcases the wonders of the world's at-risk ocean ecosystems. The "Our Ocean, Our World" experience will engage the senses (smell, sight, and sound) of guests through immersive art displays.

Daniel Hettwer, Hidden Worlds Entertainment CEO, is thrilled to unite with The Bahamas, a destination sharing the same philosophy to ultimately save the ocean.

"Everyone is drawn in by the outward beauty of The Bahamas and in this case, we're focusing on the 'inner beauty,' specifically their conservation efforts. The nation has been a leader in banning single use plastics and has always prioritized shark conservation," said Daniel Hettwer. "Our charity partner, Beneath the Waves, has discovered the world's largest seagrass meadow by studying tiger shark migration patterns. This area is estimated to be the world's largest blue carbon sink benefiting all of humanity. It is unlikely that this discovery would have been made without shark conservation by The Bahamas."

In theme of their new partnership with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, the Hidden Worlds' 'Our Ocean, Our Future' experience will give attendees even more climactic scenery, cutting-edge technology and interactive experiences including:

Art Installations by local Miami and Bahamian artists such as famed Bahamian muralist, Angelika Wallace-Whitfield and AI Art powerhouse Seyhan Lee, who will showcase an innovative coral experience.

An Immersive Dining Experience with Hidden Worlds' Executive Chef, Scott Linquist (Co-Founder of COYO Taco and Serena Rooftop) and Bahamian, Executive Chef, Kevyn Pratt (previously of Baha Mar) with an ocean positive, multi-course menu, inspired by the flavors of The Bahamas. Throughout the evening, a dinner will be orchestrated where the tables will come alive as the dishes, marine-themed cocktails by Bahamian mixologist, Marv "Mr. Mix Cunningham" and projections will be synced together for a coordinated experience.

A 360-degree photographic experience allowing guests to surround themselves in the deepest oceans and most majestic mangroves, while learning the impact they have on the world.

Daytime shows will be held from 12:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. daily while the two immersive fine-dining experiences begin at 6:00 P.M. and 8:30 PM Wednesday through Sunday evenings. In addition, following dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the underwater wonderland will feature an extended lounge experience, where the underwater wonderland will be synced to the music of some of Miami's top DJs.

"It's no secret that our oceans play a pivotal role in sustaining the world we live in", said the Hon. I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments & Aviation for The Islands of The Bahamas. "The Bahamas is committed to continuing to advocate for and participate in ocean conservation initiatives such as this educational experience that shines a very important light, bringing awareness to the importance of protecting and preserving the ocean."

Tickets for the daytime and evening experiences of 'Our Ocean, Our Future' will be available for purchase beginning December 21, 2022 at Daytime tickets will start at $19 per child and $29 per adult. Children under four years old will be granted free entry. Dinner experience options featuring multi-course menu and cocktail pairings, begin at $240 per person. A percentage of ticket sales will benefit Beneath the Waves, a non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting ocean health using science and technology to catalyze ocean policy and protect threatened species.